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Sunday, October 11, 2015

I Don't Know How He Could Be Any Cuter

This little guy is capturing the heart of everyone who sees him. I know I'm his Grandma, and therefore my opinion appears to be biased, but it's not just me ... he really IS adorable!

Last night I went to see the new family. There were others visiting, and I patiently waited my turn to hold the little critter. At one point, someone had handed the baby back to his mother. Everyone was talking, and no one else was watching her cradle her new baby. She was looking at him, a slight smile on her face as his tiny hand gripped her fingertip ... and tears were rolling down her cheeks. She had no idea anyone was looking at her, or that I took this picture.

I remember holding at each of my kids and being so overcome with joy and love for them that I couldn't help but cry. Each of my babies were so cute and so perfect, and I loved them so much. I couldn't believe God had blessed me with such an amazing gift ... again, and again, and again.

Most everyone loves their parents with what they think is unconditional love, and I think that kind of love is the driving factor behind the biological desire we feel to have children of our own. We all want someone to love us as much as we love our parents. But holding your baby for the first time, you realize you didn't even know what true, unconditional, complete, overwhelming love was. We have babies hoping they love us beyond measure, only to discover we love them with a love so profound it changes who we are. Priorities shift instantly. We no longer care if we ever get new clothes or have enough money to buy that living room suite we've been drooling over ... all that matters is that sweet little baby in your arms.

My kids have made me mad over the years. They've disappointed me at times. They've caused me to cry a river of tears and face paralyzing fears. There have been times I didn't like them so much ... but I always loved them. Always. There is nothing they could do that could change the love I feel for them. To me, they'll always be my babies, and I'll go "mother bear" on anyone who dares to hurt them.

Thing 2 recently posted the following on Facebook ... and it's so true!

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