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Saturday, October 10, 2015

My Son is a Daddy!

And I'm a grandma to what is, in all probably, the cutest baby boy ever born!

I haven't gotten to hold him yet ... they have the baby lay on the mother's chest for the first hour, then he gets his first feeding. My son is even more anxious to hold him than I am ... if that's even possible!

The new mother went into labor at my house last night around 5:30, and gave birth to him at 5:28 in the morning ... two minutes shy of laboring exactly twelve hours! I didn't expect it, but she let me be in the room when she gave birth. Other than when my kids were born, I've never been in the room when someone had a baby. It was amazing! As soon as little W was born, I cried out, "He's here! You did it ... and he's so cute!!!" My son cut the cord, then burst into tears. He's going to be a great father.

I'm already in love. That little man has me wrapped around his little finger, and I've never even held him. I can't wait to hold him in my arms and snuggle with him. What an incredible honor it was to be there when he joined the family.

After the "golden hour" is up, he will get his first feeding ... then they'll weigh and measure him, and give him his first vaccinations (for what, I don't know) ... and then Thing 3 will get to hold his son for the very first time. Then all the grandparents will get to hold him ... and they'll have to pry that sweet little bundle from one of our arms to give him his first bath!

It's been  a long night, and I'm exhausted. I'd love to go home and get some sleep, but nothing could get me out of this hospital without holding that sweet baby first! When I got dressed to go to the hospital last night, I chose a very soft sweater, so that little W would know it feels good when his Grandma Jackie holds him :)

Last Christmas my son had just came out of a coma and off the ventilator. This year, Christmas is going to be extra good. My son is completely healed from his traumatic brain injury and we've got a sweet little baby to spoil. The joy of this Christmas will more than make up for the pain of last year's.

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