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Sunday, October 18, 2015

This is Me

This sign is me ... if you mess with my child. As a person, I'm generally a calm and compliant, going with the flow and not making waves. As a mother, I sheltered my kids when necessary ... and probably sometimes when it wasn't necessary. I protected them from harm, both real and imagined. There were times when I had to stand back and let them take their knocks to learn some important life lessons. 

As a mother, it's hard to watch your child suffer the consequences of their actions ... and sometimes it's absolutely agonizing and gut-wrenching. I knew, at times, that this was something I had to let them go through. Some lessons, regardless of how painful, they had to learn the hard way. They needed to learn that even though my love was unconditional, they were accountable for their actions. 

But when someone deliberately targeted my child for no reason other than the fact that they could, I went into full Rabid Mother Bear Mode! 

At various times throughout my life, there were people who took advantage of my size and/or naïveté. Sometimes I did nothing, and sometimes I stood up for myself, but I never allowed anyone to mistreat my children. My kids may have felt helpless, but I didn't. They may not know how to stop a bully ... but I did. I've bravely faced heartless bullies, their enabling parents, and school officials who pretended they didn't see what all the fuss was about ..., but I refused to back down until something was done. Do to me what you will, but don't you dare mess with my kids!

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