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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Ten Life Skills to Master by Age 30

I read an article about then life skills everyone should master by age thirty. Some made sense, some didn't. Here ... you decide:

1) Changing a Flat Tire. Okay, this one makes sense. I can see this is a skill everyone should know. I'm not sure you could say I've mastered this one (since I've never actually done it), but I've seen it done enough times to know I could fumble my way through it in an emergency. And, my father did show me how ... on prom night. I had to stand in the driveway, in my prom dress, my hair in a towel, and learn how to change a flat tire. I guess Daddy decided I wasn't going to pull the "we had a flat tire" excuse. At least I just had to watch him change the tire ... he didn't make me do it.

2) Repairing Your Pipes. I've never "repaired" a pipe, but I have taken apart (and successfully put back together) the pipes under the sinks when I dropped something down the drain. Oh, wait! I think I have repaired a pipe! One of Thing 2's friends poured the wax from the Scentsy Pot down the sink in the upstairs bathroom. I had to take the pipes apart to remove the giant clump of wax. I've also put a new kit thing in the toilet to stop a leak. Neither was done by age thirty, though, so technically I shouldn't get points for this one ... but I never needed to repair a pipe before age thirty, so I'm going to give myself points anyway!

3) Assembling an Emergency Kit. While I can see the practicality of this, is it really a skill?

4) Mixing a Signature Cocktail. This made the top ten? Really? Of all the skills one needs to survive, a signature cocktail made the top ten?! Unless opening a bottle of beer or getting the cork out of a bottle of wine counts, then no ... I don't have a signature cocktail ... nor do I care to. But, I can wire and hang a ceiling fan and light fixtures, which I consider a more essential skill than getting people drunk on a special drink! Because this "life skill" is so stupid, I'm going to say I get points just for having to read it.

5) Mastering at Least One Dish. This is an easy one. I have mastered some very tasty dishes. My mom, and amazing cook, didn't teach me how to cook, though ... any culinary skill I possess was acquired through trial and error ... to both the horror and delight (sometimes during the same meal) of those gracing my table.

6) Wrapping a Present. Yup ... I definitely get points on this one. I am a master present-wrapper. I remember watching one of my sisters wrap presents when I was young. She didn't do anything fancy, but she wrapped quite well. I wanted to know how to do it, so she taught me all her tricks. As the years wore on, I began to experiment with bows and ribbons, and now I consider how pretty it's wrapped as part of the gift to the recipient.

7) Figuring Out the Tip. Now that our state sales tax is 8% at restaurants, I double the tax. Before that, I figured out what 10% was (which is about the easiest calculation ever invented ... even for the math-impaired), then add half of that on top of it to get 15%. These calculations are so simple that figuring out the tip shouldn't be a life skill you should master by age thirty ... they should be a skill you should master by third grade!

8) Creating a Monthly Budget. I've always had a monthly budget. There have been times I ignored it and spent foolishly, but I've always had one.

9) Effectively Packing Luggage. If by "effectively" you mean have I gone someplace and packed everything I needed, then yes ... I have mastered this skill. If packing too much disqualifies me, then no, this isn't a skill I possess. I really can't pack only what I need. What if I spill something and need a replacement outfit? What if I'm bloated one day and can't wear that cute, body-hugging dress without looking like a marshmallow with a rubber band wrapped around the middle? I have to have a variety of clothing options when I go someplace, but shoes are what really trip me up. I need both dressy and casual everyday shoes, and heels for dresses ... and most dresses need a different color shoe. When we go to the mountains, I need tennis shoes, hiking boots, rubber boots ... and pretty shoes to match all the dresses I brought. I often remove clothing to add more shoes. Do I ever wear them all? Nope ... but I need them ... just in case!! So, in my opinion, I have mastered this skill!

10) Mending Clothing. This one, I can do. I can hem by hand and make it look as though they've been sewn on a machine ... even jeans. I can nip in the waist or adjust straps like a pro, and I can replace buttons, zippers, and repair seams in my sleep.

I might be fudging a bit, but I'm going to give myself a perfect score!

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