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Monday, July 11, 2016

Boys Will Be Boys

My little grandson always spends one day on the weekend with us. When he's over, my living room has toys scattered from one end to the other. Over the course of the day, he plays with all of his toys, but balls ... and an empty mint canister ... are his favorites. Thing 3, however, like the giant Lego's.

They played with the giant Lego's together for quite a while ... as Thing 3 puts them together, W tore them apart. W hasn't mastered putting the Lego's together, but he's quite adept at pulling them apart! I love watching him play and listening to him babble ... and I love the big smile on his face every time his eyes meet mine. He is one of the happiest, cuddliest babies I have ever seen, and an absolute joy to have around. I'll bet I tell him I love him many thousand times when he's over. He tells me he loves me in his own non-verbal way, but I'm anxiously awaiting the day he can actually say those words to me. And when he does, my heart will probably burst!

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