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Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 240th Birthday America!

It's hard to believe our country has only been in existence for 240 years, and how much we have changed the world.

We succeeded in gaining our independence from the British despite the fact that they confiscated the guns of the colonists and denied us the right to buy gunpowder. Hitler did the same thing. First he forced people to register their guns, then systematically took them away. With no way to protect themselves, they were at the mercy of the murderous Nazi's, who showed no one mercy.

Our right to bear arms is as much to personally protect ourselves and our families from intruders or those who wish us harm as it is for us to protect ourselves from our government. No one knows that better than the colonists who rose up against the British ... and those the Nazi's methodically murdered all across Europe.

The First Amendment, the freedom of speech, gives me the right to write this post. The Second Amendment, gives me the right to protect myself and my family. These amendments weren't put in place with a devil-may-care attitude ... and they were given to us with a guarantee that the government could not ever take them away.

Guns do kill a lot of people, but then, so does heroin. Should we make heroin illegal so that people can't use it? Oh, that's right ... it already is. I guess we see how well the criminals obey the law. Does anyone think that stricter gun laws would stop mass shooters? The people who's actions stir these debates don't pay attention to laws ... all they do is create gun-free zones where they can carry out their barbaric act unimpeded. 

As you celebrate our Nation's birthday, remember those who fought so hard to give us the freedoms we enjoy today ... and think long and hard before giving any of those rights away.

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