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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Birthday Cucumbers

Superman's daughter harvested a bumper crop of cucumbers from her garden this year. She gave me a couple of them, and it just happened to be my birthday, so she wrapped them!

The last couple of years she lived at home, she had a small garden in containers. Their house is surrounded by woods. I see almost as many deer as squirrels, and I've spied more than one bunny rabbit hopping to and fro. When I first saw the pots of herbs and vegetables, I figured the local wildlife would see it as a salad buffet. The deer already see Superman's landscaping as a smorgasbord! They seem particularly fond of his hosta's ... and I couldn't help but wonder how long it would be before she was complaining about the forest animals ravaging her farm, but they never did! Every year the deer destroy his hosta's, but they never touched her "garden".

I bought a topsy-turvy to grow tomatoes one year. I love tomatoes and anxiously awaited my harvest ... but the squirrels usually ate the blooms off before a tomato could even form. Every great once in a while, they would miss one and a tomato would appear, but before it could grow to become a red, ripe, juicy tomato, the squirrels would eat it. They never ate the whole tomato, they just ruined it by taking a bite or two with their disgusting, filthy, germy mouths. The next year I gave the topsy-turvy to Superman ... but the squirrels ate his tomatoes, too. For some reason, however, the squirrels never bothered her container crops.

Most everyone I know who has a garden complains about the rabbits eating their plants, but I've never once heard her complain about rabbits, either.

She's married and moved to a home of her own now. She and her husband live in a house not terribly far from where she grew up. It's surrounded by woods, and presumably, full of deer and squirrel and rabbits and raccoons ... but they never bother her garden! How can that be?!!! She doesn't spray anything to deter them, but they leave her herbs and vegetables alone. I don't know what super power she possess, but I sure wish some of it would rub off on me!!

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