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Monday, September 28, 2015

Puppy Patrol

Olivia is now living with Thing 1 and her husband. She loves my son-in-law  ... or any man for that matter. (She's kind of a tramp!) She does not, however, love other animals. She tolerates Louie, because he's a cat, which makes him worthy of the occasional game of tag, but she loathes the dogs.

She particularly despises Roo. He's a giant pit bull, but he has no idea he is a big, mean, pit bull. He's the biggest scaredy-cat I've ever seen! If Roo comes anywhere near her, she slaps him. Though afraid of her, Roo occasionally tries to make friends ... or inadvertently gets within arms reach of her ... which results in a dozen or so slaps across the face fired off so quickly you almost need to record them and play them back in slow motion to see them! Luckily for Olivia, Roo seldom gives her time time of day. Half the time, he's oblivious to the fact that she's even in the room.

Gus, the puppy, is an entirely different story. When Gus first joined the family, Olivia wasn't living there. Roo was terrified of him and Louie had no idea what it was. Gus's persistence eventually won them over. Gus follows Roo around and does whatever Roo does. When they play, Roo is very gentle ... even when it's obvious to everyone but Gus that Roo doesn't want to play. Louie and Gus soon became fast friends, too, playing tag, wrestling, and running across the room tackling each other.

When Olivia made her first appearance, she quickly let Roo and Louie know she was the boss and they were to do as she said. Roo is afraid of her, so he was okay with leaving her alone ... but Louie loves Olivia, so her "hands off" policy hurt deeply. Gus, being a puppy and unaware of the pecking order, saw Olivia as a new playmate. He often tried to get her to play, running across the room to tackle her. Olivia immediately began slapping Gus silly.

Louie was crying because Olivia doesn't love him, Gus was crying because Olivia is slapping him, and Roo was crying because Olivia was being mean to Gus!

Olivia looks for the highest ground she can get to, but will settle for something out of reach of the puppy. Boxes stacked for the move give Olivia some peace of mind, but she still patrols from the top of the boxes like a policeman in a watchtower to make sure Gus doesn't ambush her. Gus is a chowini ... half chihuahua/half weiner dog. He's about six inches tall and two feet long. The fact that he is physically incapable of jumping up on the boxes has not occurred to her ... so she slinks along the boxes edge, keeping her eye on the "Gusnado" lurking just below.

Thing 1 and her husband moved their things into my current house a few days ago. I still have things here, so it's a bit of chaos at the moment, but Olivia is in heaven! Having lived here for years, she knows the house well. She knows the best places to nap and to hide when she needs to get away ... and let's face it ... with Gus around, she needs a place to hide!

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