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Sunday, September 13, 2015

What Do These Two Things Have In Common?

I've used both of them to line my eyes! I was getting ready for work one morning and realized I was out of eyeliner. Like most women, I would rather quit my job than show up without eyeliner! I ransacked my daughter's cosmetics, randomly distributed throughout the house, but couldn't find her eyeliner. Desperate, I did the only thing I could think of ... I got out my Sharpie marker.

Before I attempted lining my eyes with a fat Sharpie, I contemplated the wording of the email I would be forced to send to my bosses explaining why I had to take a sick day if this endeavor failed ... and it had failure written all over it! "I can't come to work today because I ran out of eyeliner so I tried to use a Sharpie, and now I look like a raccoon!" I took a deep breath and proceeded ... slowly ... to line my eyes.

It stung just a bit, so it can't be good for you, and I was hoping the Sharpie didn't have the same effect on me as it had on the cat when my son colored him (you can read about that here). Luckily, it only stung for a moment and I didn't use enough to intoxicate me. I was able to drive (safely) to work and didn't have to tell my boss I had to take a sick day because I drew raccoon eyes on my face with a Sharpie! I rarely miss work, so I wouldn't have been in trouble. They would have though it was hilarious ... and probably wondered why I didn't lie and just tell them I was sick! 

We use a lot of Sharpie's at work to mark boxes of computers going from one location to another or to send to repair, particularly in the summer when we're assessing and imaging all the technology. And I can hear the jokes now ... "I need to label this box. Does anyone have any eyeliner?"

But, I learned my lesson well, and now I always make sure I have a spare eyeliner on hand.

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