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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Progress ... Slow, but Sure

Except for the family room in the basement, the house furniture is all in place. I'm still unpacking boxes, and I'm just beginning to hang things on the walls. Although I took a lot of things to the Goodwill before I moved and left a lot of furniture and decor for Thing 1 and her husband at the old house, I'm finding I need to cull things even further.

While large, my closet is still far too small and I have no place to put the hundreds of shoes I own. Getting rid of clothing and shoes I haven't worn in years should clear up the closet and give me plenty of room. That's not a critical task, but since it's raining, I'll probably tackle it today ... after I put another coat of paint on the basement floor.

I decided to paint the basement floor rather than put down carpet or tile. The basement will be the family room ... the kid's domain ... and even though they're adults ... they're messy! And, before I know it, I'll have grandkids needing a place to play where they can't ruin my beautiful hardwood floors. 

I took vacation this week to get things in order. I'm hoping that I can have it completely done before I have to go back to work, but there are some projects that Superman has to do, and he won't have time to do them all (his list is quite large!). Still, by the week's end, I'll have most things unpacked and put away. My garage won't be full of furniture and boxes ... and maybe, just maybe ... we'll finally be able to park in the garage.

Okay ... enough procrastinating ... I'm off to paint put the final coat on the basement floor!

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