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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Unlike Most, I Don't Enjoy Fall

A spider on the second floor window at work.
Why I don't enjoy fall:
  1. This week we are enjoying another heat wave (yea!). Last week we had temperatures in the 70's ... 20 degrees cooler than we typically have this time of year. While I admit the cooler temperatures during the day were nice, I had a hard time enjoying them. It just reminds me that another miserable winter is coming. Even when the days are nice in the fall, the mornings and evenings are a little too chilly for my taste. (My taste, by the way, is upper 80's or 90's). I consider anything below 70ยบ to be cold.
  2. In the fall, every leaf within a 50-mile radius ends up in my yard. I'm not kidding!  And, I can provide very credible witnesses who will back me up!!
  3. Spiders seem to be everywhere. And as everyone knows ... spiders are icky.

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