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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Gingerbread House

Superman's grandson's made me a gingerbread house! His daughter texted me this picture yesterday and said it was made out of a diaper box and lots of glue. The boys came up with the idea all by themselves. and asked their mom if they could make it. I'm not sure what prompted them to make this for me, and it's hardly museum quality, but I love it as much as if it were made of solid gold. I'll have to keep it forever ... if they come over and I can't produce the house, they'll be heartbroken ... and knowing I broke their hearts would break mine, too.

I kept far too many drawings and art projects my kids made me over the years ... and they made me a lot ... but I loved the things they made. Thing 2, in particular, was an art machine ... she produced drawings as though she was meeting a daily quota set by a sweatshop boss in China! They were all made with love, as are all gifts from a child, and I loved each and every one. Little kids pour their heart and soul into making things, and to me, there is nothing better.

It probably won't be on permanent display, but when those boys come over, it will be in a place of prominence. I do love it ... and I want them to know that.

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