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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

No, I Don't Have a Stripper Pole in the Basement

That's not stripper pole, it's a support post! I don't know exactly how wide a stripper pole is, but I'm guessing this one is a lot wider, so it would probably be pretty hard to get a good enough grip to do their tricks on. Fortunately, I don't have a lot of stripper friends, so I don't see this as a problem! I'll probably paint it so that it doesn't appear so intrusive, There's a steel I-beam running the width of the house, so I'm not sure why a post was necessary, but I'm not a structural engineer, so I won't be removing it!

I got the second coat of paint on the basement floor yesterday. I had originally planned on using that garage floor paint with the confetti stuff sprinkled on it to give it interest, but I heard it's really, really slick when it gets wet. After reading more reviews, the anti-skid stuff you can buy to add to it only makes it slightly better. I don't want anyone falling, especially my (future) little grandkids, so I decided on Behr deck and concerete paint.

The Behr paint is the consistency of soft-serve ice cream. I chose a light tan, so it really does look like chocolate soft serve. (I'm pretty sure it doesn't taste like it, so I didn't sample it.) It only took about two hours to do the entire basement.

It takes three days to cure completely, so we can't move any furniture down there until this weekend. I will be so happy to finally move furniture down there! There are boxes I need, buried in the garage, and I'll finally be able to get to them. Even though we could technically bring the furniture down Saturday, I'll probably wait until Sunday. I want to make sure it's completely dried and cured all the way through.

I need to get a handrail for the stairs, and we need to insulate and drywall the ceiling. My bedroom is directly above this room, and Thing 2's bedroom is directly about where the TV will be ... and there is NO sound separation. When Thing 3 and his friend put the first coat on the basement the other night, I could hear the sound of the paint roller! Like all basements, the walls are concrete block, so we'll have to drywall the walls as well. And, for some reason, there are only two electrical outlets in the basement, and they are both in the utility room. We'll have to bring some electrical to the other side ... and by "we", I mean Superman!

Superman wanted to build a closet under the stairs, but I'm thinking it would make a cute reading nook ... or a playhouse for the grandkids. I have a little grandson only a few weeks away from making his appearance into the world, and I'll probably granddaughters joining him one day, so I'll have to make it gender neutral. It will be a while before there will be little hands and feet big enough to play in it, so I've got plenty of time to think about the design and color. Won't that be cute?!!

Below are a couple pictures of the "before". Neither show much of the floor, but it shows enough to give you an idea of how awful it looked before it was painted.


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