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Thursday, September 24, 2015

My Nightstand Until I Move

The kids and I have spent the week packing, and hauling boxes and some furniture to the new house. I moved my nightstands, so I am using my tv tray while I'm still here. It serves it's purpose, but I can't sit my coffee down when I'm in bed! I suppose if that's my greatest problem, I don't really have much to complain about, do I?

We'll move the big things and whatever boxes are still at the old house on Saturday, and then I can quit living between two houses. The garage at the new house is fairly full of boxes and some of the furniture for the family room and my office. After Saturday, I will still have to move some of the things from the basement, but nothing down there is life critical (or they wouldn't have been kept in the basement!). Mostly it's canning supplies and holiday decorations. I have a ton of decorations for every holiday. I was planning on leaving my Halloween and Easter decorations, but with a little grandbaby on the way, I'll have to have some of the things for him to get excited about when he comes to see Grandma! 

Being able to move the things as time allows over the next few weeks is a gift. I sure am glad my daughter and son-in-law bought my house!

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