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Sunday, September 20, 2015


The master bedroom.
Before (above)., and after (below).
All of the rooms in my new house were painted a tasteful shade of light gray. I embraced the gray in the rest of the house, but I wanted my room to be the same shade of tan/gold as my current home. Once we closed on the house, painting my room became my first priority.

I got the first coat on my bedroom Friday evening. Saturday I put the second coat on the bedroom, and the first coat on the master bath. Today, I will put the second coat on the bathroom ... then I have to paint my closet (sob!). After that, I need to paint the basement floor (SOB!). Once that chore is done, we'll be ready to move.

Knowing this move was coming, I started preparing a month or so ago. I began by packing things I knew I wouldn't be needing in the interim. As the closing date approached, I started packing more aggressively. With boxes piled high in nearly every room, it's felt like I was living with a hoarder. It was all very organized ... each box was labeled with the room and contents, but the boxes made the house feel messy ... and it was driving me nuts! After closing on the house Friday, we began moving boxes and a few pieces of furniture. It's nice to be making progress, but now both houses are in disarray ... and it's driving me nuts!

As soon as I walked in the door at my current home, I knew it was the perfect house for me and my little kids. This was before the internet was so pervasive. If you wanted to see a house, you actually had to drive over and look at it. I drove by several other homes that fit the my wish list, but I didn't make an appointment to see any of them. I was already in love and no other home could turn my head. It was the same way with the one I just bought. As with my first house, this one spoke to my heart. Peeking in the windows, and then walking through the rooms, I just knew I was home.

The new house has a welcoming feel. Although the kids were excited to be moving, they weren't sure it would ever feel like "home" ... but it does. It doesn't feel like someone else's house ... it already feels like ours. We'll be moving most of the furniture and the rest of the boxes next weekend ... and I can't wait until it really IS home.

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