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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas With The Kiddo's

I always have Christmas with my kids a day or two early. We used to always open presents on Christmas Eve, but they have so many Christmas's to go to ... it makes it much less hectic to have our Christmas a day or two early. I've had to talk my kids into a lot of things over the years, but opening Christmas presents early is something they willingly do with very little coercion on my part!

This year we opened presents December 23rd. I made a giant pot of chicken and dumplings. Jesus must have approved of us having Christmas early, because my chicken and dumplings were the tastiest batch I've ever made. The proof is the fact that the kettle was all but licked clean by the time we were through!

It was just me, my kids, my boyfriend, the girls's boyfriends, and my nephew ... and it was very nice. I wrap all of my presents in red paper with gold ribbon, or gold paper with red ribbon. I consider the "prettiness" of the wrapping part of the present ... and I love how beautiful they look! Here are a few pics I snapped last week ...

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