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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Remember My Teapot?

I introduced you my teapot here Writing and Drinking.

I bought this teapot several years back, after my kids and I came back from one of our visits to Savannah. While there, the girls got hooked on tea parties and begged me to host tea parties when we got home. I agreed, and promptly started looking around for serving pieces for proper tea party ... and that's when I found this teapot. Sadly, even though I bought several items to host a proper tea party, we have yet to have one! I'll have to remedy that!

I really wasn't sure the teapot was really silver, but I figured I'd look online for how to clean silver and give it a try. I tried one, figuring I was wasting my time and the ingredients ... but it worked! And apparently, the little teapot I bought at that antique store was, indeed, silver!

Unfortunately, the handle broke off (just as I finished cleaning it!), so I guess I'll take it to a jeweler and have it soldered back on. Even broken, it looks pretty. What a difference! As soon as my teapot is fixed, I think I should finally have that long-awaited tea party!

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