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Thursday, December 26, 2013

I Consolidated My Two Blogs

When I originally began blogging, I was dedicated to posting humorous blogs. Then, I decided I wanted to write about more serious things, too, and it didn't seem appropriate to post them in the midst of my goofy musings ... so I created this blog.

I have now decided that I don't particularly care for having two different blogs! My original thinking that silly and serious don't belong on the same blog was, well, silly! So now, my blog is like my life ... sometimes silly, sometimes serious, sometimes melancholy, and sometimes just a glimpse of my thoughts, or a few simple moments of my life.


  1. Hi Jackie, I came across your blog through your book trailer for "Boomerang". I've been looking for ideas for my own book (Not done yet) but your book caught my interest as my story is set in Australia. I',ve just started a blog... still relatively new to all the blogging stuff, took me ages to write my about me page.. lol

  2. Hi, Olivia. I'm so glad to hear you stumbled across my blog and book trailers! I know what you mean about the "About Me" stuff. I can write page after page about someone else, or someone I made up, but when I have to write about myself, I stare at the screen and draw a blank! Keep writing ... your book sounds very interesting!