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Saturday, December 21, 2013

My Lego Flower

Many Christmas's ago, I bought my son a giant bag of Lego's, and it came with plans for how to assemble a myriad of things ... trucks, helicopters, houses, flowers, etc. My son and my middle daughter spent many hours assembling the different designs included with the Lego's, as well as many of their own. Some were simple, while others were quite complicated. I loved looking at all the things they made.

After they made something, they would come to me to show me their handiwork ... and for the praise I would lavish on them! They put together some intricate designs, and the praise they received was heartfelt. I was proud of them! And, I loved the smile and look of satisfaction on their faces when they showed me what they had made.

My daughter made me a Lego flower (one of the designs included). I figured it was like all the other things they had made ... that she was showing it to me, only to pull it apart and make something else ... but she said no ... this was for me to keep!

I did keep it ... and I still have it.

With its red base, it seemed to be made to display in my kitchen. It has moved around from one spot to another over the years (always in the kitchen), and it now lives on top of the bead board molding.

My heart smiles every time I look at my pretty Lego flower :)

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