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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Another Holiday I Won't Be Celebrating ...

Today is National Root Beer Float Day. A&W will  be giving away free (very small) root beer floats, and collecting donations to the Wounded Warrior Project. While the Wounded Warrior Project is something I would definitely support, I have no desire to get close enough to even smell root beer.

Several years ago I wrote a humorous blog about root beer ... you can read about it here Root Beer Blog Post.

I took the kids and some of their friends to Sonic one time when they were giving away free root beer floats. I tried to drink it, but just the smell of it made me want to throw up. My daughter's and I gave our root beer floats to my son, who swallowed them in one gulp as we looked on in horror.

I think I'd rather eat raspberries than drink root beer!

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