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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Change in User Timelines on Twitter

Twitter is now showing tweets on your timeline that it thinks you might enjoy, despite the fact that you have not elected to follow that particular tweeter ... or in some cases ... have specifically chosen NOT to follow them. They say they base these tweets by a variety of factors, including popularity, trends, and how the people you follow are interacting with particular tweets. You can read about the Twitter change here.

If I start seeing selfie tweets from vain, barely dressed, self-obsessed reality "stars" (and I use that term loosely), I will likely close my twitter account altogether. I don't follow those people for a reason. I simply don't care about their thoughts or activities ... or what they look like in their underwear.

I'm a grown woman. I raised three kids all by myself while I working full-time and attending college full-time, and I graduated with high honors. I think I'm more than capable of choosing which Twitter accounts I wish to follow.

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