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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Today is International Bacon Day (and Wedding Day!)

My boyfriend's daughter is getting married today ... on International Bacon Day! What a great day to get married, right?! Sadly, there is nothing even remotely related to bacon on the menu. Nevertheless, I shall do my best to celebrate this special day despite the cruelty of being denied this delicacy at the reception!

The Saturday before Labor Day is set aside as International Bacon Day. (Like we need a special day to appreciate the deliciousness of bacon!) Quite frankly, I'd be on board with celebrating International Bacon Day the first Saturday of every month! Or, how about just making it every Saturday?

Bacon, in my humble opinion, is the most delicious meat on the planet. Pretty much everything is better with bacon! I know anti-bacon people who say you take nine minutes off of your life with every piece you eat, but those are the last minutes, when you're old and sick, so I'm not really interested in prolonging those minutes! Those are the minutes I'm dreading ... and makes eating bacon that much more attractive!

I haven't have any bacon in a while and will likely survive yet another baconless day. But the wedding isn't until this evening and I don't have to be there until late afternoon ... so I could have a BLT for lunch! This midday meal, by anti-bacon calculations, will take roughly 36 minutes off of the end of my life ... and it will be worth it!

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