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Friday, August 29, 2014

Spray Tan Drama

The white spot on my calf,
now camouflaged to my
I got a spray tan at No Fry Zone after work yesterday. They warn you not to get wet for eight hours afterwards. The first time Thing 2 got a spray tan, she got one drop of water on her arm on her way to the car, and the tan disappeared entirely from that one spot ... so I took the "no water" warning to heart.

As I drove home, I could see lightening off in the distance towards my house. I had been on the north and the east sides of town all day with nary a drop, but I drove into a torrential downpour. Of course, I didn't have an umbrella with me, but even if I had, I wouldn't have risked walking (or running) from my van to the house in the rain. So, I sat in the driveway and played games on my iPad while waiting for the rain to stop. It was either that or risk being polka-dotted or mottled, which would look like my skin was melting!

My boyfriend knew I was getting a spray tan and had to be careful, so I texted him that I was sitting in my driveway waiting for the rain to stop. After having a good laugh, he suggested I come over. I could pull into his garage and get out without getting wet. We could visit while I waited for the rain to stop. Win-win! I drove over, pulled into the garage ... and hit my leg on my wet van getting out of the vehicle. Ugg! I ended up with a big white spot on my calf, and a white line running down to my ankle.

When the rain finally stopped (three hours later), I drove home and applied some self-tanning lotion to the spot. The drip line is completely gone, and I think I've camouflaged the white spot well enough that no one will notice. You would have to be pretty darn close to my leg to notice, so if anyone does get close enough, I'll promptly shoo them away ... then go stand by my boyfriend for protection!

Even if I do have a "less than perfect tan" spot on my leg, I'm glad I was offered refuge at my boyfriends house during the rain. I only had a quarter-tank of gas, and I don't think it would have lasted from 5:00 (when I got home), until 8:00 (when it finally quit raining). Not only that, I've always heard that it's hard on the engine to let a vehicle idle for long periods of time ... and I'm sure three hours would be considered a long period of time. AND, not wishing to known as the idiot who ran out of gas in her own driveway, I would have to get gas to keep the air conditioner running ... because sweat is water, so sweating for 8 hours after a tan is a no-no! As the gas tank emptied, I would have been trying to figure out which gas station would allow me the most coverage while pumping to keep from getting hit by rain.

But let's face it ... I would most likely have hit my leg getting out of the van at the gas station, too ... and the mist from the rain would probably have given me speckled appearance that would make it appear as though I had some kind of contagious skin disease. My boyfriend's daughter is getting married tomorrow, and "contagious" is not the look I'm going for! Since I'm not "legally" family, I won't be in all of the pictures, but I will undoubtedly be in some. I'm not very photogenic as it is, so a speckled/freckled suntan that looks like smallpox would have left people scrambling to get away from me!

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