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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Looking for the Body

I started buying frozen blueberries for my morning yogurt. I love fresh blueberries, but sometimes they are so tart it's painful to eat them ... and frozen blueberries are always sweet and juicy. I generally make my yogurt for the next morning as soon as I get home from work, but sometimes I get lazy, or sidetracked, and don't make it until the morning.

The first time I used frozen blueberries, my yogurt was very watery from the thawing blueberries, so I started putting them in a baggie and adding them just before I'm ready to eat. This works well if I make it the night before, as the blueberries are thawed and ready to eat in the morning, but if I make it in the morning, the blueberries are (obviously) frozen solid. So now when I make my breakfast in the morning, I add some water to the baggie to thaw the berries faster. The first time I did this, I sealed the baggie and left the blueberries in the water until I got to work. I didn't realize it, but the baggie wasn't sealed tightly, and I had left a trail of blueberry juice down the hall. (Hansel and Gretel should have done this instead of dropping bread crumbs ... the birds couldn't have eaten this!).

But, I digress!

Anyway, a colleague and I were working away when the door opened. Two concerned co-workers timidly poked their head into the room and asked if we were okay, wondering if someone had cut themselves. We were fine, we told them, although we were confused as to why they might think otherwise. Visibly relieved, they said they had followed a path of blood to our door!

Turns out that while blueberry juice may be purple, it looks a lot like blood when dripped down a hallway ... and they were dreading finding the body at the end of the bloody trail!

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