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Monday, August 4, 2014

Mama was right ... it really IS better to give than to receive.

My pretty girls with flowers in their hair ... still wet with morning dew.
I love these flowers and love giving them to other "plant people".  In the past, I've given them to some "non-planties" only to learn they died a slow, agonizing death. After that, I've been more discriminating in whom I let adopt my lovely girls. 

I recently gave some to two women I work with, both of whom appreciate and love flowers as much as I do. I wanted to wait until "the girls" were blooming before I brought them in, but the late arrival of spring delayed their annual explosion of color, so I delivered them when they were green and luscious, but unadorned. Like a new mother leaving her infant for the first time, I came bearing instructions for care. They were thrilled to add these girls to their family and the look of happiness on their faces was my hefty reward! I got a text last night from one of them ... her new girl is blooming! It thrills my heart that she loves these flowers and will enjoy them for years to come. I'm not sure who is happier ... me or my flower-loving co-workers! Giving for no reason other than to see the smile on someone else's face is the best feeling there is.

I knew my pretty girl had found a good home when my friend took the time to photograph it and send it to me ... and that makes my heart smile :)

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