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Monday, August 18, 2014

This is an Actual 911 Dispatch

There is someone in my hometown who tweets fire and police dispatches all day. I suspect this is a paid position by the city/county, and not someone with no life who does it for a hobby, but I really don't know.

Whatever the case, the information this person tweets comes in very handy. If you encounter a massive traffic jam, this person's twitter feed will likely tell you why ... or if you happen to catch the tweet before you get there (I never do), you can avoid the congestion altogether.

I don't have time to read twitter all day and I don't have it set up to send me alerts on any of my mobile devices, but I do check this particular account if I wonder what's going on or if someone asks me to find out why traffic is at a standstill or what all the sirens are about.

The last week of July, I saw this tweet ... "700 block of (I deleted the address tweeted). Caller believes someone has been in his apartment because his T.V has been set to Spanish. Officer en route".

That's all the information I have on this particular "crime" ... but my guess is that there was no sign of forced entry and that the police are treating this as an inside job!

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