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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Another Coleman Family Christmas in the Books

Believe it or not, TEN of my nieces, nephews, and their significant others, plus FOUR of their kids missing from this picture. There are seven kids in my family and we all did our part in populating the earth ... some more than others. Three of us have three kids, two have two kids, and two have one kid (slackers!). 

There are all the "kids" that came to Christmas from left to right ... Thing 3A, Thing 3, Thing 1A holding W, Thing 1 holding Thing 1A's sister, cousin C, cousin L, Thing 2, Thing 2A, Thing 1A's brother holding his new baby girl and his girlfriend. 

I think everyone had a nice time ... I know I did! This year my daughter and her husband hosted Christmas, since they now have the biggest house, and I was just a visitor. I did get a picture of me and my brood (below). They are all so busy it's hard to get us all together at the same time, so it's extra special when I see them all together.

Left to right are ... Thing 3A, Thing 3, Thing 1A, Thing 1, me holding baby W (I LOVE THAT BABY!!!), Thing 2, and Thing 2A, 

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