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Monday, December 7, 2015

Can You Find Olivia?

Thing 1 is setting up her guest room, but her cats think it's their room. I was at her house the other night to help decorate. Her husband came home and went upstairs for something. When he came back down, he asked if the cats had moved all day ... they had been in the exact same spot when he left for work that morning!

Louie prefers to "hide in plain sight", but Olivia goes for the camouflaged effect. It's really not necessary for her to hide ... Roo won't get on the furniture without permission and Gus is too little to get on the bed without assistance. But Olivia ... who has no use for pets ... doesn't want the dogs to even look at her. 

I had to dislodge her to hang some pictures above the headboard, and she was not happy. She didn't get off the bed, she merely moved closer to Louie ... and glared at him indignantly as if to say, "You lied to me! You said no one would bother us here".

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