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Saturday, December 26, 2015

My Christmas Eve

When my little grandson arrived, he was wearing an adorable sock monkey outfit, but I had bought him a Mickey Mouse First Christmas outfit, so he got a wardrobe change. The Mickey outfit came with black pants, but we put him back in his red pants in honor of Christmas. Besides, the red pants matched his bow tie!

We all took turns cuddling with W while we waited on everyone to arrive ... while one special little girl kept anxiously eyeing the suspicious lump of presents Santa had left for her under sheets in the middle of the room. (Santa had heard she would be with us on Christmas Eve and made a special trip from the North Pole just to deliver her presents at my house.)

W and his daddy.

W laid on the floor talking to the tree while we ate our Christmas Eve dinner. Like his aunt and mommy, that sweet baby is fascinated by anything that sparkles and shines.

And one sweet little girl was thrilled to pieces when she saw what Santa had brought. Once she looked at all of her presents, we went outside and let her ride her bike around the cul-de-sac. She loved it! While the rest of us opened our presents, she happily made cupcakes with her Play-Doh dessert maker. Christmas is so much more fun when there are little ones to share it with!

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