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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Mr. Pillow to the Rescue

When my kids were babies and wouldn't sleep, I would put Mr. Pillow in bed with them, then take him away after they fell asleep. I sleep with Mr. Pillow, so he smelled like Mama, and it tricked my poor dumb kids into thinking I was close.

The other day, little W would fall sound asleep in my arms, but wake up and cry every time I laid him down. I had Mr. Pillow with me, so I put him in bed with W. Little by little, W wiggled closer to Mr. Pillow, then threw his tiny little arm around him.

Thing 2 came to Indy to see W yesterday. When we left the hospital last night, she came "home" with me. My room only has one bed, but the chair pulls out into a single bed. I opened it up to make it and laid down on it, and it was REALLY uncomfortable, so she slept in bed with me (and she hogged the covers). As usual, I fell asleep holding Mr. Pillow. When we woke up, she was holding him!

My kids fight about what I'm going to leave them when I die ... mainly who gets my Bible ... but also who gets Mr. Pillow. I may put it in my will that they have to flip a coin to see who gets Mr. Pillow!

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