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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Superman's Christmas Tree

When Superman and I started dating, it was December, and he had a big tree that year ... and the next. He then decided he didn't want to mess with a big tree, so I gave him one of the small ones I used to put outside, in urns on my porch. He used that small tree for a few years, then decided not to put up a tree at all. His youngest daughter lived at home at the time. She was okay with not having a tree, and so the tradition of no Christmas tree at his house began.

His birthday is in December, making his birthday and Christmas doubly hard because he doesn't need anything. He doesn't even want anything! If he needs or wants something, he buys it when the need/want arises. I thought about buying him a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree several times over the last few years, but never did ... until this year. For his birthday, I bought him a Charlie Brown tree. Last night, as he was eating pizza in the kitchen, I told him not to peek, and I set up his tree on the coffee table in his living room. It isn't his birthday yet, but there's no law against giving a birthday present early!

After we finished eating, I took him into the living room to see his tree ... and he loved it! This "tree" is small enough that it doesn't need to be stored in the attic. He can put it in a drawer when Christmas is over! Putting it together and decorating it or taking it apart takes mere moments, perfect for someone so busy he tries to shave seconds out of everyday tasks in order to add a few more productive minutes to his day.

A scrawny Christmas tree should look out of place in his nice home, but it somehow fits the house ... and him ... perfectly! Happy early birthday, Superman!

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