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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Another Craiglist Find

This could have been a cool idea ... except it isn't! I think it would be very pleasurable to take a nap on an outdoor bed that hangs from above and swings freely in the breeze. But, this outdoor bed won't swing freely in the breeze ... it will bang against the frame! Good idea ... bad design! It's only $1,000, plus the cost of a mattress. I'm not sure how much an outdoor mattress costs, but it's likely eye-popping. Heck, decent cushions for a chair are pretty costly. If I had to guess, a comfortable outdoor mattress would run $500. That makes this outdoor bed, that whacks against it's frame a mere $1,500. I think I'll skip the outdoor bed, nap indoors ... and spend my $1,500 on dresses and shoes!

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