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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Kind Neighbors

Cucumber Salad
When Thing 3 and I were trying to dig out a flowerbed in front of the house early in the summer, a neighbor took pity on us and tilled it up for us. I'm new in the neighborhood, and prior to that day, had only met two of my seven neighbors. I stood and talked to the man's wife while he worked on getting his tiller to start.

As a thank you, I made them some walnut brownies, along with a short note thanking them for their kindness. A few days later, the wife came over bearing gifts from their garden. What a treat! She listed off what all they had planted said they expect a bumper crop, and asked if I'd be interested in taking some of their excess. YES! Nothing tastes better than freshly picked vegetables, still wet with morning dew. A few nights later I made cole slaw with the cabbage and cucumber salad with the green onions. 

Most of my land is wooded, so there is no room for a garden. It's just as well ... I'm sure the deer, squirrels, and raccoons would eat anything I plant just like they did at my old house. When the squirrels see me out working in the yard, they put their bibs on, ready to devour whatever it is I'm planting! I know several people who have a problem with rabbits eating their flowers and vegetable gardens, but rabbits are about the only animal that don't bother my plants!

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