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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Yesterday was "Black Cat Appreciation Day"

And I missed it! To be fair, I don't have a black cat anymore. I used to have a little black kitty cat named Maggie. She was the sweetest little animal in the whole wide world, and her fur was as soft as silk. She would follow me around the house, waiting for me to sit down so that she could sit in my lap, and she'd sleep at the foot of my bed every night. The week I had the flu, she barely left my side. Oh, how I loved her! I guess I could go to Thing 1's and appreciate her black cat, but that actually seems a little creepy!

It's because of sweet, innocent Maggie and the wise Mr. Whiskers that don't want a pet. Well, I actually do want a pet ... I just don't want the pain of losing them. I may get a dog or cat again. Someday. Maybe. More like than not, however, I'll probably just keep debating it in my head and die without ever getting one!

Mr. Whiskers and Maggie
Best buddies napping in my bedroom.

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