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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Baby girl's fever is gone, and all the tests they've ran so far have all came back normal. That's good, but it would be nice to know why she had such a high fever the other day. One of the things they tested her for was meningitis, and we're all very grateful that came back negative. I'm also very grateful I wasn't there when she had the spinal tap. I've had one before, and they're no fun.

I took big brother to the hospital to see his Mommy and little sister. He was so happy to see his Mama!

Both of these babies seem to have a pretty even temperament. Little girl is happy laying in her crib or snuggling in your arms. Now that big brother can crawl, he's harder to contain, but he's still an easy-going baby. We hit the jackpot with these sweet babies!

I plan on going to the hospital to visit the princess after work, and I'm really hoping her big brother is there, too. I miss those tiny angels!

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