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Monday, August 1, 2016

Sick Granddaughter

My sweet little granddaughter is running a fever. She's only eight days old, so they've admitted her to the hospital for a couple of days to run tests, and I'm kept my grandson overnight. I took a picture of him when he was sound asleep now ... recharging for another busy day.

I got to spend the day with both of the grandbabies Saturday. These little ones fill my heart to overflowing! I'm sure baby girl will be fine, but a high fever in a newborn is concerning, and they err on the side of caution. I'll take my grandson to the hospital in a little bit to see his Mama and Nana, and I'll get to see my little princess.

This past week has been hard on my grandson. When his sister was born, he spent one night with an aunt and two nights with me. When he went back home, there was the new baby to contend with. He's so loved and spoiled that having another baby didn't really take anything away from him, but it's different and he's just too little to understand all the changes. My little grandson knows I love him and he loves me, but nothing can take the place of his Mama, and I can tell he misses her.

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