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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Happy 60th Birthday, Ski!!!

According to the Double Cola Company, Ski was released Aug. 10, 1956. 

Ski ... known around these parts as the "Unofficial Soda of the West Side" or "West Side Water" or ... as I like to call it ... "Nectar of the Gods" ... is 60 years old today! I have been addicted to Ski for as long as I can remember. With every single sip, every single time, my first thought is, "Mmmmm. Ski is so good!"

Those who haven't tasted Ski often ask if it tastes like Mt. Dew. (Them's fightin' words!!) Aside from being yellow, Ski is NOTHING like Mt. Dew. Ski is the most delicious drink on the face of the earth ... and I feel sorry for those who don't feel the same way ... because that's all they serve in heaven!!

I've been trying not to drink Ski, which is hard because I love Ski as much as I love breathing, but I'm going to have to make an exception today.


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