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Monday, August 22, 2016

Wearing High Heels Can Lead to Cancer? Bull!

I recently read an article that said wearing high heels every day can raise your risk of cancer. Poppycock! If high heels caused cancer, I would have died a long time ago ... along with Victoria Beckham! I don't wear high heels every day, but I wear them most days ... and I have since I was fourteen years old. The article listed a host of ailments high heels can cause (bunions, hammer toes, etc.), and I have none of those.

Helen Sewell, a communication coach in Britain said high heels are costing British businesses £260 million a year in sick leave. She said "Wearing heels has a serious impact on your ability to think properly, your ability to breathe properly and your ability to deliver an executive presence."

Oh, give me a break! The only time high heels have impacted my ability to think properly is when my feet hurt because there is no padding in that shoe for the ball of my feet, but a set of gel inserts solves that problem instantly. I've seen too many women in high heels deliver an "executive presence" to give her theory any credence. It sounds to me like Ms. Sewell either can't walk in high heels or she's tall and doesn't want anyone shorter to appear taller.

But it was Dr. David Agus, a professor of medicine at the University of Southern California that came up with the real malarkey ... that there may be a link between stiletto's and cancer. He did concede, however, that wearing heels doesn't cause cancer, but he did say they unwittingly hinder your bodies own natural cancer-fighting abilities by shutting down our "DNA repair shop" to concentrate on the inflammation caused by wearing heels.

Dr. Agus said, "If your heels hurt or limit your movement, if you find your feet ache or throb at the end of the day, then stop wearing those shoes."

Not wearing shoes that hurt your feet is good advice, but if your heels hurt, perhaps you should just buy shoes in the proper size (instead of stuffing your size 11 feet into a size 7 shoe), get a some gel inserts ... or ... if you can afford it, buy some really expensive designer shoes that cost more than your car. Me? I can't afford a pair of shoes that cost a couple thousand dollars, so I just buy the right size shoe and some gel inserts ... and my feet are as happy as can be ... and I get to wear pretty shoes!

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